Thucanh.Info is a site that aggregates news, images, and introductions to pets from aquatic to terrestrial. We believe that pets, big or small, are our companions. We love all kinds of pets. And if you have a new pet and want to find a way to take care of it, then come to us.

WHAT WILL YOU FIND ON Thucanh.infor?

AtThucanh.infor, you can find a wide variety of content  to satisfy the demand of different pet owners. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Tips for caring and training pets
  • Feeding tips include: how to feed properly, the right foods, how to handle food poisoning,… for most pets.
  • Necessary tools when raising pets
  • Gift ideas for pet lovers.

We will provide all relevant information so you can take good care of your pet. Join us to start the journey of discovery and care for your companions.